Zoey’s Restaurants of Vermont   zoeys.com

Zoey’s Deli and Zoey’s Double Hex Restaurant:  two distinctive Manchester, Vermont landmarks that share one name and the philosophy that your dining experience can be creative and flavorful without being a budget-breaker.



Unplugged in VT   unpluggedvt.com

Unplugged inspires connection between young people and the natural world. Participants  disconnect from mobile devices, social media and other technology and connect through meaningful outdoor based activities.



Bob Stannard   bobstannard.com

Bob Stannard is an eighth generational Vermonter, self-taught blues harmonica player and singer. Mr. Stannard has enjoyed playing for a variety of audiences around the world.




First Congregational Church  fccmanchester.org

FCC of Manchester is a Christ Centered, Spirit-Led, World Changing Community. Members are followers of Jesus Christ who seek to emulate His way, truth and life in the world.



hwvtHeartworks of Vermont   vtheartworks.org

Heartworks of Vermont is a group of women who get together once a month to plan to do simple random acts of kindness in and around the community. The group’s purpose is to give and receive and to grow.




arisemacARISE Music Arts Communication  ARISEmusicarts.com

ARISEmac is a grassroots/global initiative emerging as adaptive school education/multimedia entertainment, offering group classes, private lessons, workshop series, lifestyle training, family & community enrichment events.



4heartsakeSusan Gabriel  4heartsake.com

Susan Gabriel is known for her vocal and instrumental (piano/flute) performance in jazz, blues, and pop. Gabriel has performed from New York to L.A. and from London to Paris.  A consummate entertainer, she is a multi-talented storyteller emerging as singer & songwriter, creator & host, writer & TV journalist, poet & painter.