I, James Woodard (Jimmy), am a student and freelance web designer/technology consultant, currently living in Manchester, Vermont (Southern VT.) As you may know, I’m really a technology and music driven person. Unlike the stereotype for tech enthusiasts, I’m not an extreme video gamer or film addict (I’m more like casual gamer… don’t worry!); when my friends were interested in playing video games, I was interested in how the video games worked. While my friends were watching a movie, I was thinking, “I wonder what kind of equipment was used to film this.” From a young age I constantly wanted to know how things worked – I’ve always been a “hands-on” “take things apart” type of person. During elementary school, I was given the chance to take apart the old computers and build one good one out of all the parts I had taken out – I think that is when I realized how much passion I had for technology. From about fourth grade on, teachers and students knew me as the go-to-guy for any technology- related problems.

I started my own technology consulting business, Woodard Technology Services, the summer before my freshman year of high school (2009) troubleshooting & repairing computers, networks, home entertainment; providing tech instruction to seniors; building websites and doing graphic design work for both personal clients and businesses – the business has now grown to over 300 accounts including businesses, professionals, adults, and senior citizens. In addition, I’m on technology committees for many local organizations. As you can tell, I really enjoy spending my time with people.

Some of my hobbies and interests include digital photography (Canon SLR Camera), Skiing, being a Car Enthusiast, DJ-ing (I have done weddings and countless school dances), Audio Production and Sound Engineering, Amateur Radio, and I also play the Trumpet and Piano occasionally. I love listening to and creating music of all genres.

Hope to meet you soon!